Shabbat Shalom,

So, this past Tuesday we had our first intro to Judaism class and it was amazing, fun, informational, and we met a lot of really cool and interesting people also taking the class. We’re learning to read Hebrew, learning history, beliefs, and practices (much of which we know but the extra insight is appreciated), and so much more. My wife and I are so excited about this journey together and we’re both deep into reading for the course as I type this!

I’ve added some new articles as well, several in fact, and some new content throughout this website. Aside from studying for the intro to Judaism course, I’m also studying and refreshing my mathematics knowledge for my return to school, yes I am going back to school at 43 years old, plus writing a ton (a new novel, a book on martial arts, here, and for my work), raising 4 kids with my wife and well… life. I am incredibly busy!!!




So, if you haven’t noticed a lot of new content has been added here since my last blog post. A new booklet on MLK and the Jews, new articles, the first piece in the review section, so much more. I have been writing a lot and working hard to add a steady stream of content for you all. I have been exceedingly busy in life, but have made time to ensure this website is in no way neglected 🙂 

I have so much more content coming, so be sure to check back often… 


So, recently I acquired some new books, let’s get biblical vol I and II by Tovia Singer and the complete illustrated history of the Jewish people. Then, for the introduction to Judaism course, we purchased all of the necessary books as well, which all in all our library of Jewish learning is growing quite nicely. One thing I’ve quickly learned about Judaism is there’s easily four lifetimes worth of wisdom to be read, base Judaism, Kaballah, and Mussar, and thousands of books that can be read and studied.

If you are someone thinking about conversion, be read to read, study, and practice, then read, study, and practice some more, and be prepared to make it a lifelong endeavor at that. 

Side note, I haven’t forgotten about the reviews section, they are coming very soon, check back daily…


Today marks the day (One year ago) that I’d first contacted the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, a day that in fact, changed my life forever. Yesterday we’d met with our sponsoring Rabbi Eli (a really great mensch) and talked about how things are going, really excited that we’d finally gone Kosher and for the upcoming Intro to Judaism course. My wife and I are extremely excited to continue making the necessary changes to be more observant and more knowledgeable.

The conversion process, even the intro to Judaism course is just the beginning of a lifetime of study, and I am so excited to continue along this journey!

As for this website, the theme is more… more new content, more sections, more, more, more, and it’s coming along really quick at that. I’m still four months out from the S.O.S. one-year anniversary and it’s already grown into the content-intensive site you see before you. I can’t wait to see it another year down the road!!!



If you haven’t noticed, I’ve added new stuff in each section of this website annnnnnd I’ve added a whole new section here for reviews of media and products I have personally seen/use myself. I have been exceedingly busy working on content for this site, studying all things Jewish, writing a new novel, working, etcetera… life has been busy and I love it. I cannot wait to share the new content I am planning on dropping soon… plus in just a few months, SOS will be celebrating its one-year anniversary… so a visual update is also on the way soon. 



Happy new years eve and new year 2022 via the Gregorian calendar (In the Jewish calendar our New Year was several months back 5782). I hope you all have a healthy, safe, peaceful, and prosperous new year, and I hope you find everything you’ve been searching for in the process. I hope for the world to see greater peace, less hatred, more acceptance, and overall less suffering amongst the brother/sisterhood of mankind. 


It’s the day after Christmas and we spent the day at my mothers helping family celebrate their holiday. It was a nice time, full of food and gifts and spending time with loved ones, while it wasn’t our day, it was nice being together. Our kids grew up celebrating Yule for a few years of their life, so it was nice seeing them say “Christmas isn’t our holiday, but it was fun.” We got a huge Kalorik Maxx air fryer oven and have been testing it out and so far, it’s really amazing.

We got my mother a new bed, she was so excited and it brought us a lot of happiness seeing her happy with it. My uncles were both there and my uncle Bill got us an adorable collectible Jewish Annalee doll from 1993 and we already have it displayed in our house and love it. The kids have been playing with their new toys non-stop since and I’ve ordered some new board games for family time and several new Jewish books I’ll be reading and adding the best ones to my recommended list here. 

A lot of new content is on the way here, including a review section for the books I’ve read, so check back often… so much more is in the works!



As a Jew with a Christian mother and uncles, I honor them by going over to their house to help celebrate their holiday. I only say, “Merry Christmas,” on Christmas day because Hannukah for the Jews, Yule to Pagans, Kwanzaa for African-Americans, all fall around the same timeframe. Most of the time I say, “Happy Holidays,” to people, not out of being PC or as a slight, but out of respect for everyone’s holidays around the season. 

That is out of the way, so, happy holidays…

I celebrate Christmas for my wife and my parents, it has nothing to do with Jesus to us, just family coming together for gifts and a meal. My kids see their grandparents, we eat too much food, we open gifts and talk, all with a festively decorated Pagan Christmas tree (that was warned not to do in the bible) in the backdrop. So for us, it isn’t our holiday, but we celebrate it to honor those in our family who do. 

None of us in our immediate family (my wife, me, or our four children) feel left out of the holiday, we just had eight crazy nights (yes an Adam Sandler reference) of Hannukah celebrations. When my wife and I lose the last of our parents, we won’t celebrate Christmas any longer, because it’s not our holiday, but until then, we honor our parents and their special day. 



Shabbat Shalom!

I have added a lot of new editions to this site and quite a bit of new content as well. Facebook profile pictures, new recommendations, a bunch of new articles, and much more is coming.

Yesterday I couldn’t add as much new content as I’d wanted to, as we woke up to find a leak in a pipe in our basement. We had to quickly move our belongings, clean up a bit and have repair people come out to fix the leak. While it was harrowing for a bit, it was not the end of the world, just time-consuming with a side of distressing. While I didn’t get as much new content added, I did have several new ideas for articles pop into my cranium, so there’s that.

There’s a lot of new stuff I am planning for this site, it’s just a matter of finding the time to get it all worked on and put up. It’s been less than a year since I began this website, I still have 5 months or so until its anniversary in fact, and it’s grown so quickly and I am truly proud of seeing what it’s become. I can’t wait to see how much it’s grown a year from now, or even six months from now after the redesign/facelift is completed.

I am so excited for everything to come here, a lot of which will make this site even better and pile on some new quality content. My wife is also working on some new content for a YouTube channel and I’ll be sharing it here as well. So much more content is coming and I can’t wait to share it all with you as it’s released… stay tuned and check back often as I try to update the content here daily.



Starting January 18th the intro to Judaism course begins at our synagogue, once a week from 6:00-8:00 pm for four months, and my wife and I are super excited. This is a big step in our conversion process, one of the last few in fact, and we will be officially Jews (Though I’m Ashkenazi ethnically). I WILL be crying tears of joy to see this journey come to fruition once I exit the Mikveh and receive my certificate, though the Beit Din (Jewish court) is a bit imposing lol One thing our congregation does that’s beautiful is that new converts get called up to the Bimah to hold a Torah scroll and be blessed by the Rabbi… I will probably be teary-eyed then too.

So this is big news!!!

Also, my Script is completed, it’s ready to go and those I’ve shared it with have said it’s excellent and they couldn’t put it down… so that’s good news too. I’ll be crowdfunding for it soon and will keep everyone informed as well…

Big things are happening with S.O.S. so stay tuned!!!