Thanksgiving 2022!!!

From me and mine to you and yours, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I am thankful for so much this year, which is why I have been able to cope with losing much of my mobility during it all. It has been a year of ups and down, but the ups have been through the roof… so I made a little list here to say what I’m thankful for today…

  1. Family, friends, and everyone in our synagogue – Much of what has made this year so incredibly stellar has come from those I’d mentioned. 
  2. Conversion – The completion of the conversion process was a huge thing that made this year one I will never forget.
  3. Support – The support, love, and help of those around me during this trying time of losing my mobility has been infinitely appreciated beyond words. 
  4. Music and art – This has been a huge year for my music and art as well, and that’s in part due to all of my supporters and fans.
  5. Writing – It has been a huge year for my writing as well, especially in undertaking writing my memoirs. 
  6. I’m thankful to have food for me and my family, and a warm house for us to live in.  While some might think I’m being trite, I mean it as they are luxuries not everyone in the world can afford.
  7. My doctors and nurses – The doctors, nurses, and staff have been phenomenal through all of this transition and learning process and I cannot stress how thankful to have all of them in my life as well.
  8. For the scientists making advances in medical technology giving life back to people and saving lives every day!
  9. My hearing and vision professionals and doctors, for helping me through the difficult time of losing both slowly. 
  10. I am also grateful for the journey of my life, which has given me stories, lessons, and an amazing perception of the world and my fellow human beings. 
  11. My clients who trust me to help them and who are courageous enough to seek help, to begin with.

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