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I am…

What it is, what I hope to be


This section of the Son of Sinai site is reserved for things from my past, who I was, and why I’ve changed so much of my life and started over from scratch in my early 40’s. This information is important, to give context to how much power change and Adonai have had over one man’s tumultuous life. So I implore you to first read this area of our site to understand the Son of Sinai and what it’s about.

The following page will contain numerous articles about me and my transformation into who and what I am today. 

I am (About my life)




My journey into Judaism

…and what I’ve thus far learned

I spend a copious amount of time in my studies on Judaism each and every day, and more learning to apply and practice the ceremonial and religious aspects in my life. I absorb the wisdom of the past through Tanakh, Midrash, and Talmud and look to apply it under the auspices of Reform/Liberal Judaism while maintaining and trying to balance this with logic and reason. I absorb the modern wisdom of our contemporaries and attempt to balance it alongside science. 

With this all in mind, I hope the struggles I’ve been through, the tidbits of wisdom I’ve gleaned, and the love for the people, culture, and religion of Judaism help others through times they might struggle. 

My journey into Judaism