About the Son of Sinai website

The Son of Sinai website is the creation of Frederick “Son of Sinai,” Cook and is a repository of writings on his past and his journey forward as he converts to and learns more about Reform Judaism. Founded in May 2021, the purpose of this website coming into being is multifaceted and stands too;

  • Express my past and “get it out there,” to hopefully help others avoid making the same foolish mistakes.
  • To chronicle my journey into Judaism.
  • To write down my thoughts on what I learn pertaining to Judaism and Jewish thought. 
  • To spread my love for all things Jewish!

The name Son of Sinai comes from the fact that Moses received the Torah and ten commandments, one of the most pivotal series of Mitzvot (commandments) in all Judaism, at mount Sinai in Egypt. Mount Sinai is a sacred Holy site to Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike, so I like to think of the name as representing unity amongst the people. I am a convert, like countless others, a jew-by-choice as it is known, but I am also ethnically Jewish, hence “Son of Sinai.”