I’ve been there, I’ve lived it throughout working with most of the biggest names in hate and extremism for decades. I was a follower, I was a leader, and I’ve been to hell and back and lived to tell my story. I am not my past, but my past has given me a unique insight now that I’ve been out of extremism for nearly a decade and am an entirely different human being. I’ve given dozens of interviews online and have begun speaking publically to arm others with the knowledge I’ve collected from my time in extremism. 

How does a seemingly normal and intellectual individual become an extremist? What are recruitment strategies and who is targeted? What are the tactics used and how do just about everyone and the media help extremism? What is an extremists mindset? What’s the difference between being a leader and a follower in extremism? Are there a lot of military and gang members involved? What is the various group’s endgame? How do we really combat extremism and hate?

I can help understand and answer all of that and much more from the vantage point of someone who was directly involved with numerous groups, some of the biggest figures, and who helped lead groups involved, then got out, deradicalized, deprogrammed from the ideology, and am a happy, loving individual today with friends of all stripes! 

Use the contact form on this website to contact me and have me speak at your function, college, or class and I assure you, it will be eye-opening!