My Memoirs

I have been told countless times that I need to write an autobiography, that my story has layers and that it needs to be told, that it will help others and I resisted for a long time, it’s a lot of work, my story isn’t over (Baruch Hashem), who would read it anyway? The more I heard from people telling me that “I had to write it,” and the countless reasons they gave, I have decided to temporarily put aside the fictional works I’d written and been published for over the decades, to finally get to writing my memoirs. The initial stages of note-taking, renaming important figures to protect their anonymity, gathering photos, etcetera is underway. 

This is actually a pretty big undertaking for me, a lot more is involved in it than I initially thought, but it is definitely worth the work. I will keep S.O.S. readers in the loop on its progress. 

Update 6/9/2022

I have been tirelessly working on my memoirs and it is coming along very nicely. Many sections have been completed and many more are still to be written. This is a massive project for me, but I am confident that it will be completed by the end of this summer.