Son of Sinai website is the brainchild of Frederick W. Cook to chronicle his past, talk about the present, and look forward to the future. This site will serve as a personal account of seeking redemption, working towards becoming a better human being, his insight into Judaism, and of course, all about his journey into converting to Reform Judaism. His hope is to help others in some capacity with this site, be it escaping a life of hate, finding Adonai (the lord), or just to feel better about wrestling with the many questions and reconciliations regarding religion.

If nothing else, this website will serve as a journey into Judaism diary; including his thoughts, what he learns, some levity, his tribulations, and his triumphs as he walks this nearly 4,000-year-old road. 

“If you’ve found yourself here at Son of Sinai, may this website bring peace to your day and inspire you in some way, no matter how small, to bring peace to others. I am not a Rabbi, nor am I any sort of authority on Judaism, but what I am is a Jewish convert, like Abraham, Sarah, Ruth, and countless others to the Jewish religion and people. I do not speak on behalf of all Jewish people, my synagogue, my Rabbi, or anyone else; I am not copying or paraphrasing anything from anywhere else either, everything here is born of my own mind.

That being said…

I hope you’ll take a few minutes out of your day to read some of what I’ve written here, my life has been a storied one, full of many surprises, ups and down’s and in all honesty, my past ran entirely anathema to me converting to Judaism today or living as I do. 

Todah raba,