It’s hard to believe that this website is already a year old. I began this process of conversion in January 2021 with a conservative synagogue and quickly moved on to a more fitting reform one shortly after I learned all of the differences, followed by my launching this website a couple of months later. I have had an amazing time sharing my life, my conversion process, and my journey with all of you, and I cannot thank you enough for all of the comments and well wishes I’ve received over this time. 

So much has changed and been added here, so if you haven’t been to Son of Sinai in a while, you’ll want to spend some time looking through everything, because there’s a lot here!

So, I offer a heartfelt Toda Rabah/Thank you to everyone who has visited my slice of the web here, and hope to see you back again as it grows and continues to expand its content. <3 Fred