Chag Hannukah Sameach!!! 2022 – 5783

Chag Hannukah Sameach!!!!!!

Okay, I admit it…. this message is a day late into our beloved Hannukah, but I was ridiculously busy between work and last-minute preparations, plus celebrating with my own family, I had zero time to write this. I did however keep all of you in my heart and in my mind, and I was with everyone in the spirit for certain. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, The miracle of the light of Hannukah isn’t that it lasted for eight nights, it’s that the light still burns today, in all of us. 

Our first night turned into the first night of warm-up dreidel rounds, which my son Gabriel won decidedly against us all. Tonight is night two, let’s go to sports…

[ ESPN ChetThe Ocho – Dreidel championships 5783 is in the full warm-up at the Cook house this year, last year’s champion Gabriel returns, and already in the warmup rounds he thrashed the competition. Hopefully, he can keep that up for six more nights of warmups, before the tournament officially begins and we get to see if we will have our first grand champion in Gabriel, or if one of these competitors can spin and land enough hey and gimmel to lay him out cold.

Back to you Fred…]

If you followed last year on social media, you’d see the competition was fierce and this year seems even better. On night one of warmups, I spun enough nuns to fill a convent and ate enough chocolate gelt, that I’m feeling gelty about it today. My diet has already been decimated by latkes and sweets, with far more to come, of that I am certain, as well as a gift of sweets and games for all during our festivities.

Side note:  The last day of Hannukah this year falls on the Christian Christmas holiday, which we visit my mom to celebrate with her traditionally, so it will be an added treat this year, of celebrating the two together. Baruch Hashem for such a blessing!

So, from me and mine to you and yours,

Am Yisrael Chai!!! Chag Hannukah Sameach!!!


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