Updates coming!!!

So much has been going on as of late, but I have not forgotten this website for a moment and have been planning a ton of content to come. Now, before I get into all of the new content to come, I wanted to take a minute to inform everyone why it’s been a week or so without any updates…

Firstly, I’m still adjusting to life being barely mobile and having moved to be on the first floor of our house (Steps are a huge obstacle for me). Atop all of that, on November 2nd I go to the spine institute to get shots in my spine and neck to help manage my pain. I am also in the process of setting up hydrotherapy, as regular physical therapy wasn’t possible, as it left me unable to move for days after. 

In December I have to go to hematology as my white blood cell count is high and has been for a long time, and while my doctor thinks it’s nothing to worry about, it is still a concern. I also have monthly visits to my primary care physician to check on my progress and health with all of the medications I am taking. So, health-wise, it has been very busy and somewhat nerve-wracking, to be honest.

Now, onto the upcoming updates…

New articles are planned, coming, and plentiful, with a ton of topics I haven’t yet delved into. November I have an interview with CBS news coming out on extremism that I’ll be sharing here as well. I am working on some new multimedia tidbits as well, but those will just be in the form of wallpapers and such. There’s literally a ton of new content on the way, just bear with me as I go through these health issues and get things back on track.

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