I almost died!!!

So, I haven’t written here in a bit, but there’s a good reason for that… I almost died!

On January, 31st my stomach hurt incredibly bad and I went to the ER, which blew it off and told me “they think it’s a GI tract infection.” The ER gave me Dilaudid and sent me home after waiting 13 hours in the waiting room only to be blown off. On February, 1st I was doubled over in pain, laying on the floor unable to move, and an ambulance was called and I was taken to another hospital, which immediately got to work on me, comprehensively checking me over. 

It turns out, I have a gallbladder that needs to come out, I had sepsis and E coli in my bloodstream, and I needed an immediate shunt put into my stomach. I was told my body was a ticking time bomb, and several times my blood pressure fell as low as 60/42, and my fever hit 102 a few times. I spent 11 days in total in the hospital, and now that I’m home, I have a home nurse and equipment to monitor my health and immediately report it to my doctors as I await the next steps in my healing…

On March 3rd I am having my shunt removed, then on the 6th of March, we meet with the surgery team to plan out and discuss removing my gallbladder and performing a liver biopsy while I am already under. I may also have acute pancreatitis, as well as minor liver damage from everything…

I have been focused on healing up, resting up, and preparing for these next steps to come, and have had little time to update my websites. I will keep everyone updated as things move forward, but updates and new content will be on the back burner for the time being. 

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