Ramping up for procedures

It is March, and on the 3rd (tomorrow) I go in for an endoscopy and they remove the shunt from my stomach. On March, 6th I go meet up with the surgery team to discuss them removing my gallbladder and performing a liver biopsy at the same time, in the very near future. On the 9th of March, I go to see my primary care physician for a follow-up…

…but that’s not everything…

If the surgery team sets an appointment to do the operation after I would see my PCP I may have to move his follow-up back a bit, plus hepatology wants to see me in May for a checkup on all of my functions. I have been putting my health concerns first and foremost and soon enough they will be cleared up and I will be back to rockin’ it. The few hurdles left are the upcoming procedures and a routine follow-up with my primary.

Once my health stuff is cleared, I’m going to be doing DDP yoga first in bed, then with a chair and a mat; to hopefully help my back conditions and give me a little mobility back. The new pain medications seem to be helping me a lot and neither of them are narcotic (SCORE!), I am losing weight, my blood pressure is good, and my blood glucose is great too. My health is improving and everything inside of me is becoming healthy and functioning pretty darn well. 

So, I guess I have to take the good with the bad moving forward in my health journey, and that’s okay because getting healthy and living healthy is worth it. Getting healthy and taking care of one’s health is also a mitzvah, atop the whole getting to see my kids grow up. 

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