testing… can you still see me?

So, in February I nearly died of a surprise bout of sepsis, and while I survived, I still needed my gallbladder removed, which was done on March 28th. I haven’t worked on anything new here in a hot minute, but as you now know, I had a very good reason for that. Now, I am still working on bettering my health (Lost over 50lbs, glucose is under control, and blood pressure is near perfect) and the docs are looking at my pancreas and liver for possible damage, but I believe the worse is behind me of my health escapades. 

I’ve taken up a new hobby (fingerboarding) and will be setting up a section here to talk about it and our little crew. As I recover from… well, everything, I will be working on new content for this site. Recovery will offer me an entry point to get back into the swing of things and get to working on my websites again more regularly. 

Bear with me, I am nursing a wounded liver and five holes of entry into my body, one of which, the belly button, was used to rip an organ out from me… wait where was I going with this? ..oh yeah… So new content is still coming but may take a little longer than we’re all used to. 

So, that’s the update, I am still kicking, still rocking it, and getting better every day, still updating here though slower; healing and recovering from everything over the last maybe eight months, is on the horizon and I need it. I have a lot of plans for this website coming up soon, including tons of content…

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