I… have been a busy fella as of late… not only updating the content here (of which there are several new articles and a new interview on the Derate the hate podcast here, but also in life. I am doing everything I can to fight to regain mobility, if not in my back, in my legs, this includes trying the Keto diet and laying off weights to lose pounds to remove the weight that my knees have to hold up. I’ve been working on quite a bit of art as well and developing my new art website, which I’ll slide into my links section here when it’s done. 

I’ve also been teaching my kids more Hebrew and Jewish prayers, as well as teaching them music, art, and letting them game on my PC when we all have free time. Mind you, each of my four kids wants to learn something different from me, I don’t push them into anything. 

Aside from that, I’m still obsessively reading everything Jewish, with Mussar and Kaballah thrown into the mix for good measure. The fountain of Jewish wisdom is unending!!!

The wife and kids will be home in four days, the high-holy days are coming and this is Elul, I’ve been adding new content here, I am working on the new corporation and I am back on my art game… all at once. I have been exceedingly busy with everything in my life, but am really glad it’s the Shabbat tonight (Shabbat shalom btw) and I can unwind and relax a bit. I’m still adding content here, and have been thinking of new content I could add to the mix as well, so if you have any ideas, contact me and let me know.

I am working hard on so many projects, some more secret than others (especially my art projects), and have been so busy as of late cleaning and getting ready for my wife and kids to return, that I don’t know up from down anymore lol. So give a look through this site, there’s a bit of new content throughout, and I’ll be getting back to work!

I have been waiting for packages as of late, one via USPS that they lost and some art books from Amazon because I’ve been in a very artistic mood as of late. I’ve even broken out my painting supplies again and might be painting a bit shortly. I’ve been an artist my whole life, but at 40 I picked up a paintbrush and haven’t looked back since. I have sold 200 pieces of art around the world since then (I’m 43 now), and my hobby quickly turned me into a professional artist. I don’t have a particular style I favor, I just paint whatever it is I want to and can keep in my mind’s eye long enough.

I’m legally blind, so I have to have an image in my head and by the stroke (which I see in my mind) I paint, that’s how I “see,” well enough. 

I may try my hand at some Jewish-themed art as well, I just have to get the image in my mind, perhaps a Hamsa or a Shabbat scene. Seeing as my art sells for hundreds per piece today, I may donate some to our Synagogue Rodeph Shalom or make a piece for our Rabbis. Anyway, just 12 more days to go until my wife and kids come home and my vacation ends, so let me get to it…