I have been doing some work…

I… have been a busy fella as of late… not only updating the content here (of which there are several new articles and a new interview on the Derate the hate podcast here, but also in life. I am doing everything I can to fight to regain mobility, if not in my back, in my legs, this includes trying the Keto diet and laying off weights to lose pounds to remove the weight that my knees have to hold up. I’ve been working on quite a bit of art as well and developing my new art website, which I’ll slide into my links section here when it’s done. 

I’ve also been teaching my kids more Hebrew and Jewish prayers, as well as teaching them music, art, and letting them game on my PC when we all have free time. Mind you, each of my four kids wants to learn something different from me, I don’t push them into anything. 

Aside from that, I’m still obsessively reading everything Jewish, with Mussar and Kaballah thrown into the mix for good measure. The fountain of Jewish wisdom is unending!!!

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