A lot of new content

Not to Kvetch or anything, but I’ve actually been really busy as of late, dieting, planning holidays, studying, events for the kids, etcetera; general but busy life stuff. Despite all of the living life things, I’ve been adding content pretty regularly here again!

Almost every section has some tweaks, articles, or content added to it since the last post here. Aside from a lot of new content, I am also planning on changing up some of the links and adding a new section or two here, with even more content. I have also contemplated a few more additions, such as a free email list that I could send out newsletters with exclusive content and send updates right to your inbox once a week. Finally, I am writing a small booklet on my friend Bee and how much he impacted my life that I will put up for download here in PDF format. 

Also, I have been contemplating returning to YouTube with content similar to this site, maybe some insiders information into the world of a convert/ethnic Jew? Who knows, but I have been giving the idea of a YouTube Channel a lot of thought as of late. 

More to come…

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