New content? Yabetcha!

So have you added any new content? Yabetcha!

I have added a few new articles, the free PDF booklet “Bee and me,” and have been tweaking the sections of this page daily. I have so much more planned and coming, but as you’ll notice (if you’ve been here before), there’s new content in every section of the site. 

…as for me…

I have also been working on my personal website “Lord Frederick W Cook,” and my art website “The art of Ambrogio,” both with a facelift and with new content. I try to change the aesthetics and interface at least once a year on those sites, and the same will probably be true here as well. 

I am not proud of, nor shy of my past, I’m not that person anymore. In the SOS media section, you’ll find the Interviews link, and in the articles, under I Am link, you’ll find articles about who I was. Today I actively work to combat extremism and Anti-Semitism, armed with the inner workings of many of these groups, my mental health training, and a desire to see an end to hatred, racism, violence, and division.

I write copious essays on the inner workings of extremism, I do interviews on my past (a lot of them), and work with organizations to study the wave of extremism and what makes the movements tick, I help in extremist interventions, healing, dissolving of ideological bonds, and the reintegration of former extremists into a new life of love in society. I work a lot…in very difficult work, for very little money, that is how much I believe that together we can all change and make a difference in this world. 

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