So have you added any new content? Yabetcha!

I have added a few new articles, the free PDF booklet “Bee and me,” and have been tweaking the sections of this page daily. I have so much more planned and coming, but as you’ll notice (if you’ve been here before), there’s new content in every section of the site. 

…as for me…

I have also been working on my personal website “Lord Frederick W Cook,” and my art website “The art of Ambrogio,” both with a facelift and with new content. I try to change the aesthetics and interface at least once a year on those sites, and the same will probably be true here as well. 

I am not proud of, nor shy of my past, I’m not that person anymore. In the SOS media section, you’ll find the Interviews link, and in the articles, under I Am link, you’ll find articles about who I was. Today I actively work to combat extremism and Anti-Semitism, armed with the inner workings of many of these groups, my mental health training, and a desire to see an end to hatred, racism, violence, and division.

I write copious essays on the inner workings of extremism, I do interviews on my past (a lot of them), and work with organizations to study the wave of extremism and what makes the movements tick, I help in extremist interventions, healing, dissolving of ideological bonds, and the reintegration of former extremists into a new life of love in society. I work a lot…in very difficult work, for very little money, that is how much I believe that together we can all change and make a difference in this world. 

L’Shannah Tovah!

Rosh Hashannah has come and while we’d initially planned on attending our synagogues services in-person, 4 out of our 6 person family are currently sick. We’d instead opted to watch our service online and to go through the holiday at home, so we didn’t get any of our fellow congregants sick. This was very sad for me, as it is my first high-holy day and new Year as a Jew. We have our prayer books from CCCR for both of the high-holy days and are making do with our home celebrations.

We are hoping and praying that everyone here feels better in time for Yom Kippur and we will be able to attend services in person at our synagogue. Yesterday was also my wife and my 2nd wedding anniversary, which if you’re like me, there are no coincidences. 

September seems to be our busiest month yet in Judaism, so many holidays alongside Shabbat services, and honestly, I love it!

Soon I’ll be painting again and plan a whole series of Jewish art, including a piece for each of my rabbis (and maybe our awesome Cantor too). I’m really excited to get back in the paint, I’ve already been sketching a bit and am itching to hit the canvas… I just need a few supplies first. 

So have a healthy and sweet new year (5782)!

I have been on an updating rampage as of late, little tweaks on the way things look and how they’re browsed, lots of new articles, and later today… I am uploading more in the media section here too. I am planning on a lot more and on tweaking a lot more here; this website is less than a full-month-old and look at how much it’s grown and how far it’s come! 

I am thinking about a few new additions here as well, perhaps a favorite Jewish food recipe section? A famous Jews section perhaps? I don’t know 100% yet what I’ll be including, but a lot more is definitely coming!!!

Articles, media, more! I’ve added a ton of new content here and continue to see to it that this site grows. I am really happy to see how much this site has grown and expanded. I’ll be adding more of everything and may even add some new sections to the overall site… that is still up for debate. If there’s something you’d like to see here, feel free to contact me and let me know, this includes content, questions whatever and I’ll do my best.

Whew doggy! I have added a ton of content here at Son of Sinai, articles about myself and my Jewish journey, a media section with wallpapers I’ve made, as well as interviews I’ve done about my past. I also added several books to my recommended reading section and a few new links. Consistently I have been adding to this website and will continue to do so. My wife and I have fallen so in love with all things Jewish, from the people to the culture, to the Hebrew language, to Judaism and she began this journey with me as a skeptic! 

We absolutely adore our synagogue, Rabbi’s, and our fellow congregants, and we’re jumping into making our life a full and completely Jewish life through all they offer. 

So much has been going on, and to top it all off, tomorrow is the Shabbat! 

I was interviewed today on a terrific podcast on YouTube about my past and present, and we might do it again in the future. I have several videos with Beyond Barriers out there now, and I do plan on linking them here on the Son of Sinai website very soon. I’ve also written a ton of literature on this website and on Beyond Barriers, so if you get a chance, check it out at HTTP:// and look through the website. 

I’ve been attending just about everything and anything I can through our Synagogue and through the Jewish community in Philadelphia. I Love Love Love our Synagogue and our Rabbi’s, but I am sad to see our Cantor leaving, but again I’m excited to hear and meet the new Cantor. 

More books were added to my recommended reading section here, the books I recommend are ones in my personal collection and are all the absolute best I’ve read (not all I’ve read). 

So much more is planned and on the way for Son of Sinai, be sure to check back often!

Shalom Aleichem!