So much added, more to come!

A ton of aesthetics, navigation, and content has been added/changed over the past several days and a lot more content is on the way still. This site has been revamped, retooled, and rekindled as it continues to grow and be worked on to celebrate its first anniversary. This has been a big part of my journey into Judaism and in life, as I share so much of it with you all here at Son of Sinai. 

This Tuesday is the last Intro to Judaism class for us, which means we’ll only be in the B’nai Mitzvah classes (through February 2023) and I seriously loved the class. I especially loved learning little things I didn’t know and hearing everyone’s input and concepts on the various elements of Judaism. I know soon the conversion process will be complete and I am extremely excited, I have even been told by friends in Israel and a few famous Jewish musicians to let them know when my conversion is complete (they have something for me). Super stoked!!!

So, with that all being said stay tuned for the new “Poetry” section… opps did I let that out of the bag? 🙂

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