I’m digging the changes

Have you seen all of the new content yet? It’s not just the look of this site, but whole new sections, tons of new content, and a lot more to come, and a few more surprises are still yet to come to celebrate the anniversary of the S.O.S. website. This whole month will be a month of changes here at the Son of Sinai site, so keep checking in, more is added each and every day!!!

New sections, more content, so much more is coming… so check back often…

On a side note, I have now gone through the taste of Judaism course, the intro to Judaism course, missed only 3 Shabbat services in a year (Covid related), and have just over a year of meeting with our Rabbi through the conversion process. Not to mention I have easily read 40-50 books in this past year on all things Jewish, so I am super excited and comfortable in this journey, by this point. 


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