Huge news!


I have some huge news to tell you all and it’s even mind-blowing to me!

After giving countless interviews, articles published all over the world, and on this website, I have come to a consensus after talking with several people… now are you ready for this? I’m not writing a full-length feature documentary film on my past, on my conversion, and on my work with Beyond Barriers (as well as interviews with other former extremists). There will be a lot of photos, videos, a few surprises, and a whole lot of talk about the who, when, when, where, why, and how’s, of extremism. 

I have already begun writing the script for it, and it is coming along nicely. I am hoping to crowdfund it with gofundme or some other service, so that it can be the best it possibly can be, to maybe help others thinking of leaving or to help youth avoid my pitfalls. 


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