So much to do

The wife and kids will be home in four days, the high-holy days are coming and this is Elul, I’ve been adding new content here, I am working on the new corporation and I am back on my art game… all at once. I have been exceedingly busy with everything in my life, but am really glad it’s the Shabbat tonight (Shabbat shalom btw) and I can unwind and relax a bit. I’m still adding content here, and have been thinking of new content I could add to the mix as well, so if you have any ideas, contact me and let me know.

I am working hard on so many projects, some more secret than others (especially my art projects), and have been so busy as of late cleaning and getting ready for my wife and kids to return, that I don’t know up from down anymore lol. So give a look through this site, there’s a bit of new content throughout, and I’ll be getting back to work!

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