High-holy days and other awesomeness

My wife and kids are back from North Carolina where they went to visit my in-laws, and it was a super happy reunion. My kids all missed me so much and I don’t remember a time where I and my wife hugged longer or tighter. It was truly a moving experience for us all in my household!

We’ve got a busy month throughout September, full of high-holy days and synagogue visits numerous times. There are so many events and celebrations atop our normal Shabbat celebrations, and this will be our first year of partaking of everything as converts. It is an exciting and introspective period for us from the start of Elul through to this point and I have been working hard toward Tshuva through the whole process. 

It’s a busy month this September, but I have so much planned for this website…. so be sure to check back often!!!

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