Waiting and art

I have been waiting for packages as of late, one via USPS that they lost and some art books from Amazon because I’ve been in a very artistic mood as of late. I’ve even broken out my painting supplies again and might be painting a bit shortly. I’ve been an artist my whole life, but at 40 I picked up a paintbrush and haven’t looked back since. I have sold 200 pieces of art around the world since then (I’m 43 now), and my hobby quickly turned me into a professional artist. I don’t have a particular style I favor, I just paint whatever it is I want to and can keep in my mind’s eye long enough.

I’m legally blind, so I have to have an image in my head and by the stroke (which I see in my mind) I paint, that’s how I “see,” well enough. 

I may try my hand at some Jewish-themed art as well, I just have to get the image in my mind, perhaps a Hamsa or a Shabbat scene. Seeing as my art sells for hundreds per piece today, I may donate some to our Synagogue Rodeph Shalom or make a piece for our Rabbis. Anyway, just 12 more days to go until my wife and kids come home and my vacation ends, so let me get to it…

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