Big news!

So, after a full 30 hours of intensive training and practice, I am now officially an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner. I am Frederick W. Cook .miGNLP officially and have added yet another tool to my therapy practice, and a powerful one at that. This was a huge course and one I am infinitely proud of myself for sticking through and accomplishing (and passing with flying colors). 

My certificate is on the way to me and my practice will grow exponentially now, this is something I am incredibly excited about… helping people and repairing the world is my life’s work. 

Other than that, I have been writing a lot, working on my new collection of short stories, my first new horror book in a couple of years. I’m also working tirelessly on the new corporations founding and on studying Judaism as well. My next few classes are coming up too, CBT, DBT, and Gestalt Psychotherapy, so that should be interesting. 

While my family (my wife and four kids) are away visiting my in-laws for the month, I have been deep cleaning our house and I finished the downstairs and am working on the upstairs now. It’s coming along nicely and from the downstairs, you’d never know I have four kids that’s how clean it is lol …but that will change within an hour of them being home I am sure (and I miss them all so much, I’m looking forward to it). 

All of this, while helping clients and working with Beyond Barriers, my plate is F…U…L…L…!!!

I am still finding time to write here and add new content and blogs though and will continue to do so (this site is my baby). So that is my life at current, in a nutshell… it’s a lot of work being me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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