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I have decided to blog more often on here, and much like the section here with articles, it will be partly based on my life and partly on my journey into Judaism. I have a lot to say and not all of it needs to be written out into an article here. So expect a blog or two a day, depending on what else I add here, based on a variety of topics and thoughts. 

I wrote an article here basically giving the advice that if you’re converting, jump in headfirst and full sail, but I didn’t take my own advice recently. You see I have had problems with maintaining prayer three times a day and tried all sorts of methods to “make it happen.” I don’t need something external to “make it happen,” I needed to make it happen, I needed to, as a sneaker company so eloquently stated, “Just do it.” After a little over a month, it becomes a habit anyway and you’re now doing as prescribed. 

Now I am on course, full steam ahead like a barreling locomotive of Judaism!

Some of you might know that I owned a successful wellness business, helping clients from around the world. Well, after 280 hours of practice, I am closing star of dawn wellness (my small business)… please don’t be sad just yet if you were a client…

My wife Samantha and I are soon launching a corporation unlike any the world has seen. This new venture is based around wellness, healing, self-help, mental health, and teaching the techniques and tools to help yourself. C.I.B. (Come into being) Global is the name of our fledgling corporation and it is wholly unlike what you’ve experienced in the past. We create customized treatment plans for our clients and treat and work towards a cure for whatever elements hold you back in life. 

So, this is a huge step for us and one that will facilitate our helping far more people (than star of dawn wellness) throughout the world. This has been an amazing start to this roller coaster-like ride for Sam and me and one we cannot wait till it’s taken shape and is fully live and active.

It’s also the Shabbat, and so Shabbat Shalom to my global Jewish family. 

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