Art and getting busy


I haven’t written a blog post in six days, but I have updated the content here and will continue to add content throughout even my most busy of times. I added articles in both sections of this site and small tidbits elsewhere between these blog posts, so check around and find it all. 

…now onto the news that made me busy…

I took a year off from my passion, art, this was due to my father passing away and me both grieving and then observing yahrzeit this year. During my downtime, I continued to study art methods and techniques and last month I jumped back in to find I’m 100x’s better as an artist and I’ve been a bit obsessive. This obsession has been fueled by finding out that I am losing my vision gradually and will eventually be completely blind and unable to continue life as an artist. You can find my art here at Fine Art America to purchase prints or just look through my newest works.

I swore I would only sell originals of my art and I did through 200+ pieces around the world, but now I keep the originals, to give to my family to help sustain them when I’m blind or if Hashem wills it, that I pass away. I only sell prints now, but I sell them on canvas, wood, printed professionally in all sizes, etc… I am going to make NFTs as well, and try to get my art out and into as many hands and houses as possible. 

P.S. I’ve also been getting this site ready for its facelift next month, for its 1 year anniversary!


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