Working hard or hardly working?

So, with my wife and kids now in NC (as of today) I am taking it upon myself to get our house in order back here in Philadelphia. I am in the process of cleaning the house from ceiling to floor and stepping up my workout game in our workout room. None of this is easy as I have Ankylosing Spondylitis and my back has a tendency to give out on me or just plain hurt to the point of tears after a while, so while no one is here I figured it’s the best time. 

I’m working easily 10 hours a day while deep cleaning, so if you drop me a message it might take a few days to respond. I have to say Baruch Hashem for putting ish on me to get all of this done!

Aside from all of that, it’s been one day and I already miss them lol I know, I know, but Shabbat won’t be the same without them here for sure. Well… it’s time to crank up some Matisyahu and get back to cleaning… Shalom!

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