So…sore…so busy!

Since the wife and kids left for a month in NC while I watch our cats, I’ve been taking things apart and deep cleaning every nook and cranny. This has not been an easy venture with 2 adults and our four kids, things get messy in the oddest places. Needless to say in 5 days since they left, I am about 25% done with cleaning the house already, I’m really pushing to get it done so for the rest of this month I can work and relax… but the pain!

My Ankylosing Spondylitis has been flaring up horribly during all of this, no doubt due to all of the bending over and standing in place. The pain has been pretty bad, though I’m luckily still mobile, even if I’m walking a bit funny from the issue. Today, just like yesterday, I’m still going to be cleaning off and on, but am making sure to relax a bit more, maybe I’ll watch something or play a video game. 

I’ve also been doing back strengthening exercises specifically for spinal reinforcement, which is probably why I’m not stuck in a bed right now. So baruch Hashem for that!

I updated this site with a bit more content than usual, but as I said, I relaxed a little more yesterday. Several new articles are up and I’ve been blogging pretty steadily. I am going to add some new media here as well, so be sure to check back often for all of the updates (daily I add something). Also, don’t be shy, ask me questions, send me an email, let me know the content you’d like to see added here, I promise to do my best to help. 

Okay, so things I’ve learned since this pseudo vacation began;

  1. I hate cleaning.
  2. I’m a really good cook and should cook more to lighten Sam’s work around here.
  3. I really hate cleaning.
  4. I miss them… I even miss the kid’s constant bickering and my wife replying to me “You know nothing, Jon Snow!”
  5. I think the cats miss them too
  6. I don’t think I mentioned how much I hate cleaning, have I?
  7. I love Amazon, if I run out of something, I don’t need to leave the house to get more, SCORE!
  8. Cleaning bites.
  9. My mom worries about me a lot, but she doesn’t need to, but I worry about my kids a lot, but I don’t always need to, ah parenting!
  10. Okay, yeah cleaning sucks, but the enjoyment of clean house after is payment enough.

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