My birthday

Tomorrow, July 30th is my birthday and although I’ll be 43 years old, it’s my first birthday as a convert. Today I had a great lunch, we’re going to my mother’s house tonight to celebrate with a birthday cheesecake and pizza (4 kids and 3 adults… we’re outnumbered!) and then tomorrow I’m having Halal Guys for my birthday dinner. It’s been a pretty awesome lead-up to my birthday honestly… 

Then on the 31st, my wife and four kids leave for NC for a month-long visit with my wife’s parents, while I’m home with our two cats… Paaaaartay jk jk!

It’s especially special for me that my first birthday as a convert and it’s on Shabbat, it truly lends meaning to this day in so many ways. I don’t believe in sheer coincidence, I am absolutely positive that this is how it was meant to be in my life and everything seems to be showing me as much. I am truly grateful for all Hashem has done for me and given to me and my family and mere words cannot express the depth of my love for Adonai. 

Anyway, I am excited for tonight and tomorrow and if I don’t get a chance to post here, Shabbat Shalom!

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