Preparing for a month alone

The kids nor my wife have seen her parents in almost 2 years now, so we all planned that they would go from Philly to North Carolina for a month in August. I’ll be staying home with the cats and keeping an eye on the house, so we will be a part for 30 whole days, me here, Sam, and my kids there. Needless to say, this is a long vacation and a lot of planning has gone into it since February I believe. Last-minute, just six days away from them leaving on this adventure, we’re still making preparations for both their greyhound journey, and my being alone.

Yes, I am plenty old enough at nearly 43 in a few days from now, but we still need to clean the house up a bit, buy finalized things I’ll need, plus I want to plan for all of this alone time. I mean, it will be one entire month for me to set up,  and get things done, without distractions! 

I have been exceedingly busy with work and getting everything ready for both my birthday and the family leaving for a month. Therefore, my posting here has remained almost daily with at least new articles, but otherwise slower, but still steady. I have a ton planned for this website while my wife and kids are visiting the in-laws, so be sure not to miss the August posts. I can’t wait to share all of the new content coming…

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