The Ukraine situation


I wish there was more I could do to help the people of Ukraine, as Russia tears through their sovereign nation waging a Nazi-like campaign to reestablish a modern-day adaptation of the soviet union. If you’ve looked online it’s apparent that the Russian citizenry does NOT support this operation either meaning that dictator Putin is on his own in his actions. My prayers turn to the people of Ukraine, and my condemnation turns to Vladamir Putin, and much of the Western world, who has done little but watch on as the nation is plundered.

The President of the Ukraine, in helmet and flak vest, armed and fighting alongside his men, is a testament to the love and bravery of the Ukrainian people. They say everything is made in China these days, but courage is made in the Ukraine. 

Israel is gearing up medical supplies and aid to Ukraine and is ready to fly Ukrainian Jews to Israel and to help them establish a life there. This is the most I’ve seen from any other country…

What we’re seeing is an abhorrent assault of a sovereign nation’s right to exist and operate as it deems acceptable, by a country ruled over by a dictator who cares little for the will of his own people. To the citizenry of both nations, we citizens in the West see you, we hear you, and we’re sorry our nations are not effective in helping you more. 

… and where is the condemnation from Amnesty International or the United Nations? Or is condemnation only for the country of Israel? Never for any of the horrid dictatorships who commit human rights atrocities daily and especially not for Russia, China, or Iran!

This is a moment in the annals of history that will set a precedence that other dictatorships will be taking note of. 

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