My B’nai Mitzvah


You’ve read correctly, our Synagogue (Congregation Rodeph Shalom) has a B’nai Mitzvah program for adults and it begins March 2nd and runs through a year, culminating in our leading a Saturday Shabbat service. We asked our sponsoring Rabbi and he said we should definitely go through it as a part of our Jewish life cycle because we’ll be finished the conversion process long before then. I am so incredibly excited for this news and my wife is over the moon too. 

For about a month we’ll have classes every Tuesday and Wednesday both from 6-8 pm, then once the Intro to Judaism is completed, we’ll only have the Wednesday class for our B’nai Mitzvah. So for about a month, our schedule will be very tight, after that it will be smooth sailing. 

Also, I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has been coming to this site and have returned over and over, as well as those who have emailed me. You all are greatly appreciated <3 


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