New and busy


A lot has been happening as of late, a lot of good things bear in mind, just a lot. I have gotten new glasses and can see better than ever (though I’m still gradually losing my vision), and my new hearing aids are working very well and helping me to hear. I am beginning work on my next collection of horror stories, taking notes for my autobiography, and am planning a few new paintings (one for our sponsoring Rabbi as a thank you for all he’s done, and one to donate to our synagogue). I love both of our Rabbi’s and our Cantor, so I may paint one for each of them in fact. 

I’ve also entered the metaverse and have been playing a lot in Virtual Reality with my wife and kids; it has honestly been amazing!

I am trying to do, experience, and have fun inasmuch as possible before losing my vision (which is progressive, but we don’t have a timeframe for the degeneration). That’s also why we are already going through the B’nai Mitzvah course, though our conversion is still a few months away, I have to be able to read the Torah and help lead the Saturday Shabbat service to become a bar mitzvah, so our Rabbi said we should go through the course. 

…is there a Torah in Braille? 

Anyway, I have managed to fit in a few updates here, mainly to the articles (as usual), but I have big plans for some new content that I think people will enjoy. Also, in just a few months from now, the one-year anniversary of the creation of this site will be upon us, so I’ll be giving the site a facelift and adding some surprises too. Keep checking back, new content is still coming on a near-daily basis…

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