There are only six more classes left in the intro to Judaism course and we just had our monthly meeting with our Rabbi (one of our favorite people on Earth) and we’re in the proverbial homestretch of the conversion process. Purim is also just around the corner… annnnnnnd all of my kids are sick with a stomach bug!

You read that right, all of our little ones are ill at the moment and we’re praying it moves fast and that it doesn’t hit me or my wife as we take care of them. We want them to have an amazing Purim, we have costumes, our Synagogue is having a Purim carnival and celebrations, so we need this illness to be gone ASAP. 

So headed towards the finale of conversion (so excited)

Kids are sick (boooo)

Purim is headed to us fast as lightning (yaaay)

Oh, and my wife and I began our B’nai Mitzvah classes as well, which we’re extremely excited about!!!

I also purchased about a dozen new books on Judaism and Jewish thought/wisdom and I’m so ready to crack into them. 

P.S. Dara Horn, we love you, your works are such an eye-opener!!!


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