One month down


My wife and I are one month into the intro to Judaism course and just over a year into the conversion process and with the first month down in the intro course, we’re growing more and more excited. The course has been phenomenal and we’re learning so much, including how to read and write Hebrew, which we’re absolutely loving. My wife Sam even read a whole line of Hebrew in front of the class yesterday and Rabbi Maderer said she did it perfectly, so of course, my wife has been gushing with joy since. 

We’ve gotten so many new books as well, which I’ll be reading and reviewing more of once we’re done the intro course and I have time to read them all. Our Jewish library has grown exponentially over the past few months, from all over the spectrum of Jewish wisdom and from countless Rabbis. 

In other news, I am getting new hearing aids after my old ones died a few years back (I am severely hard of hearing and legally blind), so it’ll be amazing to have one of my senses back somewhat (Baruch Hashem). 


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