Did you say new?



So a lot of new content has been added here, a quick look around will show new stuff in nearly every section. I have a bunch of new reviews coming, some new media, a bunch of new articles, and so much more… With the one-year anniversary of this website coming up, I’m also in the process of redesigning the layout and giving the site a facelift. March the update will drop here, so be sure to keep checking back!

Also, we just finished our third class in the intro to Judaism course, and like McDonald’s “we’re loving it!” Rabbi Freeman who is our sponsoring Rabbi as well led the first three classes and they were jam-packed with content, next up is Rabbi Maderer who is the senior Rabbi at our Synagogue and we cannot wait to learn from her in the course. After Rabbi Maderer, Cantor Hyman, and Rabbi Emeritus Kuhn will be teaching some of the classes as well, so it’s going to be incredible and we cannot wait!


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