1st year Yahrzeit


Yesterday was the 1st year Yahrzeit of my father’s passing and it was a difficult day for me and my mother. We lit the Yahrzeit candle, I said the mourners Kadish and had a rather somber time, though I did talk to my mom for a bit and we sort of helped each other feel a bit better. My father was Jewish, his mother was a Russian Jew, but his father forced them into Catholicism, he ended up being cremated and so I couldn’t well visit his grave, which complicated things a bit. 

When I first began my conversion process, my father was a huge supporter, often telling me that his mother would tell him she wishes she could have raised him Jewish. Some of his last words to me were how proud he was of the man I was becoming and how happy he was that I have learned to know Hashem. His words have been a constant source of solace through living without him since his passing.

I stayed offline yesterday, opting to spend the day in prayer and with family, though a scheduled update with some new articles popped up on here, I set them up to release the day before, so I didn’t have to be online writing. I update this site daily, even if I have to schedule updates and have them come up here on their own… so check back often!


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