The mitzvah of health

In Judaism it is a Mitzvah, a literal commandment to do right by taking care of your body and overall health. If you’ve read many of my articles here, you’d know I’ve struggled with my weight since I was a small child, which continues today. We’ve recently started heavy dieting (low carb, high fat, and protein), intermittent fasting, and a hardcore weight and cardio regime, and it’s already making a difference in our lives. We wake up earlier and with more energy, we get more done in a day, my wife and I have already lost weight, our kids workout with us and it’s a great bonding time. 

A  little over a year ago I was fairly fit, entering into and getting medals doing biking marathons, but after my dad passed away, I lost the drive to do art, music, and work out and over this year I gained a bit of weight. After my dad’s Yahrzeit (year anniversary) I began easing back into art and music and now getting physically fit as well. We’re working hard to get healthy and fit, and for me to begin teaching martial arts again, but as a means of promoting unity and peace, not fighting.

The Mitzvah of health and caring for your body is in full effect in our house, and this summer is going to be the start of big changes for our family. Baruch Hashem!

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