The free eBook is out!

You’ve read correctly, my free 109-page eBook in .PDF format, “Journey to Sinai,” is out and available to download right here!

It’s taken a month and a half to write, but it was a fun month and a half to write a short book on what Judaism means to my family and me. So, give it a download, read away, and let me know what you think using the contact form at the top of this website. I’d love to hear from you!

Aside from that, there’s a rather long article I added to the “I am,” sub-section of this site under the main “articles,” section titled, “I am not a victim.” Give it a read too while you’re here. 

I have been churning out new content a bit slower, but much longer content, all the while still battling numerous health issues. Check back often, more is coming, and more still is planned… Baruch Hashem!

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