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So, in my quest to get my health in check (It’s a Mitzvah) I’ve gotten some disconcerting news regarding my spine and neck. Now, before I get into the bad stuff, let me tell you the good stuff… Other than slightly elevated blood pressure, everything else internally is pretty healthy and the problems from my old car accident did almost miraculously heal in my back, as you can see in the X-rays if you know what to look at. Let’s now take a look at the ugly…

3 types of arthritis, neck without a curve, 2 degenerative discs, cervical bent inwards too far, the whole spine bent to the left, bone spurs up and down the whole spine with several formed bridges grown between them. I’ll need surgeries, with a very long recovery time… Before that, we’re going to one last concert together Ville Valo from HIM in April. My whole body hurts, from my hips to my neck; standing up for longer than a few minutes causes my legs to shake. 
Mind you, I still wake up in the morning glad that I can speak the Modeh Ani, happy to have another day of life in my body, and thankful for that fact. 

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