Hannukah, oh Hannukah!


Hannukah is mere days away and we’re excited beyond words to celebrate our first of many. My whole family has been studying the history and meaning behind every bit of the holiday and my four kids are bursting to light the hanukiah. We’re even translating our old tradition of making sugar cookies and instead of cutting them into trees and snowmen shapes, have cookie cutters to make Magan David stars and menorahs. We have a beautiful traditional hanukiah and an electric one we can leave on the whole 8 nights and of course, we have a mensch on a bench overseeing everything 🙂

We are also excited beyond words to see Nissim Black on December 9th and meet up with him after the show (VIP passes). NB is a huge inspiration to us as fellow converts who are wholly devoted to Judaism and the Jewish people. 

I will have copious pictures of our Hannukah celebrations over the eight days and will share them here with all of you. 

Oh yeah, I also added a ton of new content here, so be sure to check it out…

Shalom Aleichem,

Fred SOS


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