Another class down


We had another class tonight for our conversion and it was incredibly awesome!!! 

We absolutely love the intro to Judaism course so far and get soooooo excited for each and every class. There are 43 people in the class with us and honestly, no one gets left behind and everyone interacts in the course. It is a great course and a great class of really open individuals who each bring their own unique light to it!

Atop that, I’ve added new writings in both sections of the articles, if you look around you will see the information on the documentary (including the full script), I’ve added several new reviews and much more throughout the site. Every single day I add something(s) new here and for it being under a year old, it really does show with how massive this site has grown (I love it!!!). 

Our hits keep going up and come from all over the globe, which means people are telling friends about this site, so I just wanted to toss out a toda raba/thank you to everyone sharing online, on social media, and with their chums. 

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