A quick update on everything


Shabbat Shalom,

So, this past Tuesday we had our first intro to Judaism class and it was amazing, fun, informational, and we met a lot of really cool and interesting people also taking the class. We’re learning to read Hebrew, learning history, beliefs, and practices (much of which we know but the extra insight is appreciated), and so much more. My wife and I are so excited about this journey together and we’re both deep into reading for the course as I type this!

I’ve added some new articles as well, several in fact, and some new content throughout this website. Aside from studying for the intro to Judaism course, I’m also studying and refreshing my mathematics knowledge for my return to school, yes I am going back to school at 43 years old, plus writing a ton (a new novel, a book on martial arts, here, and for my work), raising 4 kids with my wife and well… life. I am incredibly busy!!!



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