A Jew at Christmas


As a Jew with a Christian mother and uncles, I honor them by going over to their house to help celebrate their holiday. I only say, “Merry Christmas,” on Christmas day because Hannukah for the Jews, Yule to Pagans, Kwanzaa for African-Americans, all fall around the same timeframe. Most of the time I say, “Happy Holidays,” to people, not out of being PC or as a slight, but out of respect for everyone’s holidays around the season. 

That is out of the way, so, happy holidays…

I celebrate Christmas for my wife and my parents, it has nothing to do with Jesus to us, just family coming together for gifts and a meal. My kids see their grandparents, we eat too much food, we open gifts and talk, all with a festively decorated Pagan Christmas tree (that was warned not to do in the bible) in the backdrop. So for us, it isn’t our holiday, but we celebrate it to honor those in our family who do. 

None of us in our immediate family (my wife, me, or our four children) feel left out of the holiday, we just had eight crazy nights (yes an Adam Sandler reference) of Hannukah celebrations. When my wife and I lose the last of our parents, we won’t celebrate Christmas any longer, because it’s not our holiday, but until then, we honor our parents and their special day. 


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