Working on it


I’ve been working on this site quite a bit and honestly, I love the simplicity of the design, cleanness of it all, and how the content for it is coming together. The Son of Sinai site has been a labor of love, and while it may look very simple, the amount of work is in the details…such as how the links function, color scheme, and such. The work is moving along and with it, I am reaping what I sow and what I am sowing is very nice to me aesthetically and in content.

I have so much planned for this website that checking it daily would yield much more content each visit. It’s literally in this stage of developing the site, me converting my notes, feelings, and what I’ve learned since starting this journey, into pages here. A lot of typing it all out, formating it, putting it into pages, and linking it here… tedium is a good descriptor of what I have yet to do. 


Son of Sinai is coming together, but there’s a ton of work to still go here. Be sure to check back in the sections of the site often to see it all come together and see the new content…

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