Starting January


Starting January 18th the intro to Judaism course begins at our synagogue, once a week from 6:00-8:00 pm for four months, and my wife and I are super excited. This is a big step in our conversion process, one of the last few in fact, and we will be officially Jews (Though I’m Ashkenazi ethnically). I WILL be crying tears of joy to see this journey come to fruition once I exit the Mikveh and receive my certificate, though the Beit Din (Jewish court) is a bit imposing lol One thing our congregation does that’s beautiful is that new converts get called up to the Bimah to hold a Torah scroll and be blessed by the Rabbi… I will probably be teary-eyed then too.

So this is big news!!!

Also, my Script is completed, it’s ready to go and those I’ve shared it with have said it’s excellent and they couldn’t put it down… so that’s good news too. I’ll be crowdfunding for it soon and will keep everyone informed as well…

Big things are happening with S.O.S. so stay tuned!!!


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