One year in and just getting started


Today marks the day (One year ago) that I’d first contacted the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, a day that in fact, changed my life forever. Yesterday we’d met with our sponsoring Rabbi Eli (a really great mensch) and talked about how things are going, really excited that we’d finally gone Kosher and for the upcoming Intro to Judaism course. My wife and I are extremely excited to continue making the necessary changes to be more observant and more knowledgeable.

The conversion process, even the intro to Judaism course is just the beginning of a lifetime of study, and I am so excited to continue along this journey!

As for this website, the theme is more… more new content, more sections, more, more, more, and it’s coming along really quick at that. I’m still four months out from the S.O.S. one-year anniversary and it’s already grown into the content-intensive site you see before you. I can’t wait to see it another year down the road!!!


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