Missing our first Shabbat service ever!!!

So due to FedEx screwing up delivery of my wife’s new Cochlear implant piece, it’s out for delivery today, which means we have to wait for it at home. This will be the very first Shabbat service we’ve missed in six months consecutively. We both feel horrible about missing it, but we’re going to watch it online and head to Torah study tomorrow morning. If we miss this FedEx delivery, they told us we’d have to go to Greysferry which is an hour and a half one way by bus, taking 4 busses to get there, and four to get back. 

We will still be doing our full Shabbat ceremony and meal at home, but it feels alien to miss the service honestly. I truly miss seeing everyone in the community here and seeing how their week has been. I’m still looking forward to some introspection and relaxation this Shabbat, after this week I truly need it. 

Shabbat Shalom!


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