Happy last day of Passover

Chag Pesach Sameach and Shabbat Shalom!

We’re reform, which follows Israel’s cue on 7 days of Passover, so it’s the final night of Passover festivities and we’re celebrating the Feast of Moshiach with a large meal. Tomorrow day is the last tidbit of Passover, however, with it being our last dinner during the holiday, we’re doing it big. Baruch Hashem!

I am still adding new content and will continue until the last day of this month (then I’ll resume normal updates). 

I am attempting to raise funds to buy a new Tallit (My old one is no longer frum and is fraying sadly) as well as for a set of Tefillin, so I’ll soon be running a sale on my art store www.frederick-cook.pixels.com to try to get enough for those necessities. 

Also, I received HUGE news from our sponsoring Rabbi, next month’s meeting we’ll be setting up the date for our Bet Din and Mikveh to complete the conversion process and we are so incredibly excited and thankful. I will be sure to take pictures when possible, and I will most assuredly shed some tears of joy. You have all been with me through this process and I can’t thank you enough. Nothing will change on this website, perhaps just the “going through the conversion process,” part, but otherwise, this site is my home on the interwebs 🙂 

Finally, I am officially writing my autobiography and am on the second chapter as I type this. I am getting help from someone I greatly respect and G-d willing will hopefully help a lot of people through its being published. 

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